Republic of Yemen



Official language (s)



527.970 km2



Ethnic groups

Yemen's population is predominantly Arab, but it also includes Afro-Arabs, South Asians, and Europeans.

Major cities
(with population)

Sana'a - 2.431.649
Tai'zz - 596.672
Al Hudaydah - 548.433
Aden - 507.355
Ibb - 225.611

Currency (-ies)

Yemeni rial (YER), subdivided into 100 fils 

Main religion (s)

53% - Sunni Muslim
45% - Shiite Muslim

Time zone (s)

GTM + 03

Dialing code



Yemen has a hot and dry climate characterized by high humidity along the coastal regions. The mountain regions of the interior have a temperate wet summer and a cool dry winter with the greatest amount of rainfall occurring at high altitudes. Average annual precipitation varies from 910 mm (36 inches) to 500 mm (20 inches) depending on the region, however, rainfall is unpredictable with both drought and floods common.
In the central highlands diurnal temperature ranges are among the highest in the world: ranges from 30°C (86°F) in the day to 0°C (32°F) at night are normal.
Average temperature ranges in Aden are from 22 to 28°C (72 to 82°F) in January to 29 to 37°C (84 to 99°F) in July. 

Administrative division

Yemen is divided into twenty governorates (muhafazat) and one municipality called "Amanat Al-Asemah" (the latter containing the capital, Sana'a). 

Major airports

Sana'a: Sana'a International Airport (SAH)
Ta'izz: Ta'izz International Airport (TAI)
Aden: Aden International Airport (ADE)

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