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UK plastic surgeons with a volunteer mission in Vietnam

Published by Kevin Burges on Sep 12, 2013 4:46:37 AM

The Vietnam War ended nearly 40 years ago, but the casualties continue as
birth defects plague the country.

There are claims that thousands of children continue to be born with horrific
facial deformities due to the 20 million gallons of Agent Orange chemical
sprayed by the United States.

The Vietnamese call the disfigured youngsters 'the children of Agent


Da Nang in central Vietnam is thought to have the highest level of congenital
deformity in the world.

Team of top London plastic surgeons, led by Plastic surgeon and Lead Clinician of the Craniofacial Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - dr. Niall Kirkpatrick, on their unpaid mission to help these children through the charity Facing the World.

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