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Creative Plastic Surgery Commercials

Published by MTDB on Nov 26, 2014 8:20:25 AM


Ten most creative commercials related to plastic surgery:


1. Thai commercial about Oishi slimming green tea

2. Scotch-Brite commercial (nose job) - Leave no trace of this meal

3. Young and Pretty cosmetic surgery clinics Beast augmentation comercial (although not so politically-correct)

4. LG Vacuum cleaner (Liposuction) commercial

5. Dr. Suzanne Trott Liposuction surgery commercial - Get back the body you had In high school

6. Commercial of Danish Nygart Privathospital

7. Smart ForTwo Facelift commercial

8. Thai Giffarine cosmetics TV commercial

9. FIAT commercial (Breast augmentation) - The car for the best time of your life

10. Anti-plastic-suregry NIKE commercial

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